Rock n Roll rescue

los angeles

Their vision

Rock and Roll Rescue is a registered non-profit rescue (pending 501c3 status) in Los Angeles CA that is committed to taking on difficult cases such as abused, medical, trauma and dogs/cats needing long or short term hospice care.

Co-founders, Jessica Davis (middle) and Keli O'Malley (right).

Their passion...

They have bridged their passion for music and animals by finding artist that share the same desire to educate and spread the awareness of their adopt don’t shop message

“Their commitment...

They commit their resources and time to finding homes for dogs that are truly vulnerable and otherwise may not get their second chance at a fur-ever life.

This princess was adopted in to a new home.

It's more then Animal Fashion, It's A statement.

Donation Progress

Our Promise...

Every yearly Quarter, we pick a new Charity or shelter To donate 10% of all Gear up Poet sales to. Here is where you can can catch the progress Thous far. With weekly updates, we want you to see the power, of your purchases. Take pride in knowing, that with each and every sale, your helping who other wise days are numbered dog or cat live, another day in a loving environment, or have it’s vet bills covered, and get that second chance at life. 

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