The real dog’s way home story after being lost for ten years.


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Dog reunited with family after being lost for ten years

Dog reunited with family after being lost for ten years

     PORTSMOUTH, V.A. — A family in Virginia had a pleasant surprise last week.

gear up poet ,poet the puppy
Dog reunited with family after being lost for ten years

After ten years of being missing, their long-lost dog was discovered.

     Angel, the Yorkie, was found roaming the streets of Portsmouth after residents in a nearby home noticed her and tipped off animal control. Angel had a microchip, which allowed Officer C. McLeod to contact her owners. McLeod was stunned to discover that the dog had been missing for ten years. Clevon Roberts and his daughter Kiana were reunited with Angel on Thursday at the Virginia Humane Society. According to Roberts, Angel disappeared after the family let her out one day. After alerting animal control, putting out flyers and searching the neighborhood, they eventually gave up hope that they would find her.

Clevon Roberts: “I didn’t think we would see her again. It’s almost like a miracle,” 

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